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Community Presentation - Lincoln Hall Middle School Construction Plan

Thank you to everyone that was able to join District 74 for the Community Presentation that was held on February 21st
and February 23rd. If you were unable to attend, you can view the powerpoint that was presented at the meetings plus a live video that was recorded on February 23rd - click on LH Building Plan page. This page also includes other information that has been presented about the proposed Lincoln Hall Middle School building plan.


The direct link to this page is under the "About SD74" tab, LH Building Plan.


Thanks to all the parents that were able to join SD74 for Parent Education Night (second in the series of three). There were over 50 parents in attendance! If you were unable to attend or you would like to review the information from both presentations of the evening, you can click on Resources under the Parents tab on the District's website - or click this link.


The third and final Parent Education Night for this school year will be on Wednesday evening, April 22, 2015. Please watch for information to come.

Check Mate!

This month, a new club has started in the District called Chess Wizards. Chess Wizards is offered at all three schools! The enrollment in this club is over 100 students from PreK through 8th grade!


During this club time, there are real “Chess Wizard” teachers. These Chess Wizards will teach students how to play the game correctly while using different chess strategies. Students participating in this club have varied levels of experience with chess and the Wizards will teach to each of these levels.


A staff member attending the first session at Todd Hall, commented, "It is amazing to see students so excited about chess, especially the very young students!" The Chess Wizards website states that, "Chess Wizards offers fun, intellectual and challenging chess education. Students might even learn to beat Dad!"


Hopefully, the students will enjoy this new and educational club. For more information on Chess Wizards – Strategies for Life, checkout their website here.


Chess Wizards at Rutledge Hall

Tech Savvy Lincolnwood Students

At the December 4, 2014 Board of Education meeting, the Administrative team along with SD74 Instructional Technology Coaches provided an update on the curriculum changes due to increased technology integration. The District’s Strategic Plan goals – specifically Goal #1 to “Develop and implement curriculum that leads to improved academic performance” is guiding the work at each school building. The School Improvement Plans (SIP) at each school building were presented. All three schools will help the District reach the 5-year Strategic Plan goals. One District・3 Schools・One Vision = 1・3・1. Each school principal explained the goals for Reading, Math, and Anti-Bullying. The Instructional Tech Coaches presented the support they are providing to the classroom teachers with technology and how their services are helping in these targeted SIP areas. They featured programs and apps that are being used with the students and explained Digital Citizenship – how our students should interact globally. Some of the programs being used include Schoology, Flipped Classroom, Nearpod, Hopscotch, Codeacademy, and 3D design apps in conjunction with the STEM program. The Instructional Tech Coaches are assisting to enhance the classroom as well as teaching our students to be digitally literate and responsible.

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