Updated Routes to Improve Service for Rutledge and Lincoln

school bus

We are pleased to see that bus service overall is improving and more bus drivers are assigned permanent routes. The District administrative team is working closely with the bus company to improve trouble spots.

With the guidance of our retired longtime transportation planner and longtime dedicated parents, we have reconfigured Rutledge and Lincoln morning routes 1, 3, and 5 to more evenly distribute riders.

The links below provide the revised routes with updated bus stops and pickup times as well as a map of each route. Please review carefully.

Routes 2 and 4 will stay the same because they have been running smoothly. 


A few reminders:

  • Please wait at the designated stop for the bus before it arrives. Bus routes will run late if students are not ready to board the bus when it arrives. There are some mid-block stops, but no home stops.
  • As we make improvements, we still want to know if there is something that doesn’t make sense and/or about routes that are not running well.

Early Bird Activity Bus Routes for Lincoln Hall

As of Sept.15, bus stops for routes that run for before-school activities have been clarified. Exact times are not listed by stop so please have students ready at the bus stop based on the route start time. 

Early Southeast Route

Early North Route

Early Towers Route

Early Lincoln Corridor Route


Rutledge Hall a.m. Routes

Rutledge Hall a.m. Route 1

Rutledge Hall a.m. Route 3

Rutledge Hall a.m. Routes 5

(Rutledge a.m. Route 2 and Route 4 are unchanged)

Rutledge p.m. routes 

No changes to Rutledge p.m. routes

Lincoln Hall a.m. Routes

Lincoln Hall a.m. Route 1

Lincoln Hall a.m. Route 3

Lincoln Hall a.m. Route 5

(Lincoln Hall a.m. Route 2 and Route 4 are unchanged)

Lincoln p.m. routes

No changes to Lincoln Hall p.m. routes

Todd Hall routes

Todd Hall a.m.

Todd Hall p.m.



If you have any questions or comments regarding busing, please complete this online comment form or send an email to: transportation@sd74.org. The District will work to respond within 24 hours or as soon as possible. You may also call the district office at 847-675-8234. Thank you for your support!

Students Hone Interview Skills for Community Economy

Parents volunteer for mock job interviews

Seventh grade students got a taste of the working world recently when they interviewed for jobs to be part of their class’s “Community Economy.”

Social Studies teacher Mr. Salski developed this yearlong project for students to learn about consumer economics and simulate real-world experiences. Students were coached on how to complete a job application. They each wrote an essay and prepared for a job interview, working on speaking and presentation skills.

On Sept. 10, parent volunteers conducted interviews with all of the seventh graders. Each student dressed up and did their best to win their most desired job.

“I was pretty nervous. A couple questions I had to think about before I answered, but it went great,” said Brandon, who interviewed to be a banker.

“Some of the questions were hard,” said Nicole, who wants to be a doctor.

Students will work two shifts per week either during class time, lunchtime or after school. They will earn income from the community economy through work and good behavior. They’ll make spending decisions about housing and expenses. Their community economy also has a store, opportunities to start small businesses and laws to follow. Students aren’t graded on this project; but the project includes five learning standards that involve speaking, writing and presentation skills. Most of all, it is a great example of teaching financial literacy, resulting in Children Empowered for Life!

Food Science a new STEM experience at Lincoln

6th grade Food Sciences class

Real-life visual of food safety

There was something new baking in the Lincoln Hall Middle School Food Science class recently, but it was NOT edible.

What was ‘baking’ were petri dishes with swab samples from the students’ hands. The overnight experiment provided a very visual lesson on cleanliness and food safety.

STEM approach to food 

The lab was part of the new Food Science class taught by Mrs. Courtney Greene, which replaces the traditional cooking class. Food Science is part of the District’s initiative to increase students’ experiences in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) as applied in the real world. All Lincoln Hall students will have the class for seven weeks this school year.

'Look how much bacteria'

The students broke into teams and collected swab samples of their hands in various levels of cleanliness. Then the samples were baked overnight to see how much bacteria was present.

“This kind of scared us. …Look how much bacteria there is,” 6th grader Gabby Rogan said

Science mixes with cooking

Mrs. Greene, who spent the last five years teaching science at high school and middle school levels, said she’s intent on challenging students and hoping to expose them to new interests along the way. Students created data tables, estimated percentages, wrote hypotheses and drew conclusions.

High expectations

“I have always enjoyed science and cooking and I am looking at the food science course as the best of both worlds,” said Mrs. Greene. “This course is planned to be rigorous and hold students to the same high expectations they are held to in all of their core classes.”

Students apply swab samples to petri dish



Back To School Slideshow

The first three days of school were jam-packed with activites including the flag-raising ceremonies at Lincoln and Rutledge Halls, Positive Behavior (PBIS) expectations assemblies and the PTA Ice Cream Social. The PTA served 980 pieces of ice cream and gave away 75 tye dyed shirts in the contests.

Here's a look at the start of the year.

Flag Ceremony Celebrates First Day of School

Honor guard

Lincoln Hall ceremony

Students and staff celebrated the start of school on Wednesday, Aug. 20., with flag-raising ceremonies at Lincoln Hall and Rutledge Hall. Members of the Lincolnwood police and fire departments served as the honor guard. 

The flag-raising ceremony, started by Dr. Weiss five years ago, is a great way to kick off the year for students, staff and parents! We greatly appreciate the police and fire departments for providing an honor guard for both ceremonies.

At Todd Hall, 1st and 2nd graders started on Wednesday, and kindergarteners start Thursday Aug. 20.

Rutledge Hall ceremony

Rutledge Hall

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