Presentation at Board of Education Meeting

A presentation regarding funding of the Lincoln Hall Building Project, was provided to the District by it's financial advisory group, PMA Securities, at the regular October 7, 2015 Board of Education meeting. The District encourages you to visit the following link and view this presentation:  PMA PRESENTATION


For other Lincoln Hall Building Project information, please go to the LH Building Plan page on our website.


If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Joseph F. Bailey, Superintendent of Schools, at the District Office 847-675-8234.

Learning Robotics

This year, the 7th and 8th graders at Lincoln Hall are studying Automation and Robotics in their STEM classes. Students are learning about all the ways that robotic technology continues to make lives better. Physic concepts are put into action to make their robots move with control and precision. Teams of students are designing, constructing, coding, and running their own robot to complete a self-selected project.


One of our students was quoted as saying, “I am gaining a new experience, while a new part of my brain is being used when building these complex robots and computer programs.”


What an exciting time for our students.


robotics robotics

Teachers teaching Teachers

"The best form of staff development is when teachers teach other teachers." Michael Wright, author.


This week, two veteran staff members from Lincoln Hall provided a professional development opportunity for District 74 staff. Andy MacCrimmon (Art) and Steve Salski (7th grade Social Studies) shared with colleagues, relative to the 2015 Art of the Renaissance Conference they attended over the summer in Washington D.C. "It was a great way to kick off our staff development program for the year," stated Dr. Jean Weiss, Lincoln Hall Principal. The topic of this session was related to how classroom teachers can incorporate art within their classrooms and they gave several ideas for incorporating art into each academic content area. They also provided hands-on activities that included art, writing, and thinking. It was a great staff development session.


Prof Dev

District 74 Welcomes New 2015-16 Staff

At the September 3rd Board Meeting, Lincolnwood School District 74 welcomed new staff for the 2015-16 school year:


From left to right (back row): Rachel Gitlin-TH Gr 1 Teacher, Kathy Sfikas-TH PreK Teacher, Liz Golden-Gr 2 Teacher, Michael Wittenborn-RH Gr 4 Teacher, Caroline Charneske-RH and TH PE/Paraprofessional, Kelly Birdsell-RH Paraprofessional, Michael Forde-LH Gr 7 Spanish Teacher, Alex Joe-LH Gr 8 Math Teacher, Alex Lee-LH Gr 7 Math Teacher


From left to right (front row): Jennifer Ummel-TH PreK Paraprofessional, Erin Egan-LH Music, Adrianna Galan-LH Orchestra Teacher (PT), Jennifer Ballema-LH GATE Math Teacher (PT)


Not pictured: Lyna Swanson-TH Paraprofessional, Halyna Yanchuk-LH Paraprofessional, and Robert J. Ciserella-Business Manager/CSBO.


Welcome all and District 74 wishes you all a great school year!

1/2 Day Attendance Days

The first 1/2 day attendance day for students is this Friday, September 4th. Here are the times at each building that students will be in attendance:

  • Todd Hall: 8:25AM - 11:25AM (PreK 11:10AM as usual)
  • Rutledge Hall: 8:00AM - 11:05AM
  • Lincoln Hall: 8:05AM - 11:05AM

Please note below, the 1/2 day attendance days for the 2015-16 school year. Also, the attendance schedules for PreK AM and PM students. This information is also on the printed 2015-16 District calendar and the online school calendars:

  • Friday, September 4
    AM PreK students ONLY, no school for PM PreK students
  • Friday, October 30
    Both AM and PM PreK students attend in the AM session
  • Friday, January 15
    PM PreK students ONLY attend in the AM, no school for AM PreK students
  • Friday, March 4
    AM PreK students ONLY, no school for PM PreK students
  • Friday, May 6
    PM PreK students ONLY attend in the AM, no school for AM PreK students

Bus routes and stops will remain the same in the AM. Bus stop/times for students to return home are posted on the bus information page.

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